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SMS is basically another word for text messaging. Everybody who has a mobile phone has the ability to send and receive SMS/text messages.
Premium SMS generates revenue for you much like Premium Rate numbers. We provide you with a Premium Rate shortcode and a keyword (e.g. WIN on 81234) and you get paid revenue per text message. Tariffs are available form 25p up to £10 per text,covering Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Three and Virgin.

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You can run a competition which people can enter through sending a SMS. For example you could advertise a question on facebook and people can text their answers to your short code. Our system can then send them back messages depending on whether they were right or wrong and they get charged per message that they receive.

Price: £99.99



People subscribe to a service by texting a word into a 5 digit short code number using their mobile, they are then subscribed to that service until they unsubscribe, You can login to a website admin area and send messages to the subscribers which are charged to them per message or you can use our ready made messages at preset times.

Price: £99.99



People can vote by text. This may be used as part of a marketing campaign or online competition where the public vote for the winner, you can have several entrants for people to vote for and the system will give you stats and the winner of your vote it can also be used to generate revenue if premium SMS is used.

Price: £99.99


Chat Option 1

SMS chat can be suitable for many one to one interactions where you wish to charge per message.

Option 1

You answer the messages using your own computer

Price: £99.99


Chat Option 2

The easiest way to get in to reverse billed SMS, is to have our operators answer your messages for you.


Adult services, Reverse Billed sms operator answered

Price: £99.99



Download our tarrifs on the link below, we can offer different tarrifs if you already have a lot of traffic or you intend on generating a lot of traffic.

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Premium Rate Numbers

Wicked Telecom specializes in Premium Rate telephone numbers and services, we can offer you more than just highly competitive prices. We offer a full range of tariffs in the UK from 5p min rising in 5p increments up to £1.00 and 10p increments from £1.00 to £1.50.

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Mobile Stats

People in the UK spend Millions of pounds every year on Adult Entertainment via there phones and no you can get in on some of that business, quick and easy, setup your account today.

Mobile Phone Users in the UK
Internet acces via mobile
Porn Access via mobile
Revenue Generated By Adult Entertainment Chat
£131 Million
Revenue Generated Via Premium SMS
Revenue Generated Via Competitions


If your not experienced in building adult websites or dont have the time we can provide one for you your shortcode’s and premium rate numbers already  on, so all you need to do is get traffic, we offer everything from design to hosting, all for a single price.

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